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Our division is involved in the implementation of complex electrical installation projects. We provide our clients with full range of services, no matter if it is about an industrial facility, a commercial store, the implementation, renovation, and maintenance of a heavy-current or a weak-current system. We consider the needs of our clients and the high quality level we determined to be of key importance, and our quality assurance system interprets quality as an obligation we have undertaken.

In order to improve our efficiency and to have even more favourable results we evaluate the ongoing constructions and the finished ones on a regular basis.

The suppliers with preliminary qualification provide us with all the materials used in the projects, including but not limited to SONEPAR MAGYARORSZÁG Kft., SCHRACK TECHNIK KERESKEDELMI Kft., SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC HUNGÁRIA VILLAMOSSÁGI Zrt.

Our professionals with education monitor each task and assist to implement client's ideas, starting from the demand until the finishing of the project.

We provide our leading professionals and electricians with regular trainings in order to develop their professional knowledge and to ensure high level for our project implementation, and long lifetime of the systems we have installed.

The IT and information system installed at our company allows fast and efficient access to information for all our associates. Our IT system accelerated the process of creating price offers, and in case of our ongoing projects increased the efficiency of the information flow significantly.

When performing our tasks we strive to find traditional and new technical solutions that fit the function and the interior design harmoniously.

Our dedication, our professional knowledge, our experience, and our endeavour to do quality work make our electrical installation division a reliable specialized building contractor of the domestic market.