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Palkovics Milán, Igazgatóság elnöke
Milán Palkovics
Head of the Board of Directors
Our clients:
  • Tesco Zrt. Magyarország
  • SPAR Magyarország Kft.
  • MOL Rt.
  • Hungrana Kft.
  • Opál Tartálypark Zrt.
  • Samsung SDI Magyarország Zrt.
  • Alcoa-Köfém Kft.
  • ISD Dunaferr Zrt.
General contracting
Our company acts as the general contractor for clients requesting full scale implementation.

We ensure the success of our customers’ investment by having the special trades and the support activities for the projects well in one hand. Our scope of activities includes preparing Building Permit Drawings and Building Drawing, supplying the necessary licenses, together with the installation of the facility, and turn-key delivery.

Within the framework of our general contractor service we can ensure significantly higher level of security for our clients due to the financing background available to us. The resources for the operation of our company are secured not just by our own capital reserves, but also by the financing system integrated into ÉPDUFERR Zrt. The most important factor of the system we created is the solvent clientele, our bank and insurance company supporting our financing.

Due to our preliminary qualification and our financing system we do not face liquidity risk, regardless the settlement with the investor we are able to pay our subcontractors and suppliers.

Our internal high quality requirements and our certificates integrated into our company management system make us apt to serve our clients' needs at a high level, despite the special environment.

The success of our clients is important for us, therefore our educated and experienced associates offer alternatives and solutions for the clients in connection with the quality, economy and the set deadline as well.