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Technology and
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Technology and machinery division
Our technology and machine division is responsible for the full scale installation of special technologies requiring significant professional experience and accuracy, while respecting client’s requirements and the rules on quality, labour and fire-protection issues set by legislation.

In case of facilities for food and chemical industry we follow a precise schedule.

We rely on the expertise of our associates, and we make suggestions on the optimal solutions after carefully considering the circumstances of the project.

Our skilled and trained workers perform with great care and involve the latest-state-of-the-art technologies. Skilled welding specialists work for our projects, and follow the welding requirements in force.

In addition to the implementation we perform the complete documentation and qualification of the final product; in order to foster this we employ material testers doing both destructive testing and non-destructive testing.

The quality assurance of ÉPDUFERR Zrt complies with the highest domestic and international standards, and guarantees that the requirements of the highest level are followed and applied.

Our technology resources, the knowledge of our professionals, the performance of our physical workers and the flexibility of our schedule allows to perform tasks with more complex structure – in accordance with client’s demands and the regulations – by the deadline.
Our main activities are the following:
  • construction complete technology systems
  • technology assembly of carbon steel
  • design and construction of tanks for liquid storage
  • non-destructive testing (ultra sound, radiography)
  • completion of product/steam/gas/water/compressed air systems
  • construction and installation of industrial water softening facilities, filters and slime separators
  • stainless technology assembly, pipe assembly