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Highway construction and infrastructure engineering
As a contractor for highway construction and infrastructure engineering we implement line facilities sustainable on the long term, it can be a road section within the municipal area with limited traffic, or a complete motor road of high capacity, or any kind of infrastructure construction or replacement task.

We are able to create any segment of a line utility, from the preparation of the area through the relocation of utility piping until the delivery, and we make sure to put as little load on the environment as possible.

Our implementation is cost efficient and enduring due to our knowledge about the area of the construction, search for materials to be used, and the analysis of recycling technologies.

ÉPDUFERR Zrt. considers optimal logistics necessary for the task to be important, therefore we work with qualified businesses who accept to perform in accordance with our quality and value based system of approach.

When constructing roads and public utilities we strive to use the latest-state-of-the-art technical resources and technologies, where the guarantee is ensured by the experience of our specialists and their regular trainings, and the non-stop communication with client and public service providers.

Our target-oriented and flexible approach is based on experience, and our related and carefully considered IT system allows our company to remain one of the reliable players of the highway construction and infrastructure engineering market.
Main activities:
  • complete excavating (earth moving) activities and utilities for industrial parks
  • construction of water conservation and drainage systems
  • complete implementation of roads and cycle paths
  • installing traffic handling techniques
  • canalization
  • replacing public utility systems above and below the surface
  • mining activities
  • performing recultivation
  • constructing waste disposal sites